Mexicans Irate About Fast and Furious, Wide Receiver

The Aurelia Fierros’ Report │ Column   Mexican politicians, analysts and the general public are irate after learning this week that Operation Fast and Furious, the US federal program that allowed more than 2,000 military-style weapons to flow illegally into Mexico between 2009 and 2010, happens to be copycat of a previous undercover and similarly illicit … Continue reading

Egypt: silencing the echoes

   The Aurelia Fierros’ Report │ Column       Egypt: silencing the echoes A golden rule of journalism prevents any serious correspondent from becoming part of the story.  Unless, of course, extraordinary circumstances take place and the maker of the report ends up turning into the subject of it, inevitably.  Such has been the case in … Continue reading

¿Uno, o dos términos?

 Vox Populi │ Columna   Por Aurelia Fierros ¿Uno, o dos términos?  El 2011 comenzó en Estados Unidos con un panorama intranquilo y una economía que pese a los esfuerzos continúa padeciendo los embates del desempleo y la carencia de liquidez.  Este es un año que se perfila con innumerables retos.  De muchas de las decisiones y … Continue reading

Insane, to blame Giffords attack on political debate

The Aurelia Fierros’ Report │ Column   By Aurelia Fierros   Insane, to blame Giffords attack on political debate   Vigorous political debate and strong ideological postures have nothing to do with the meticulous plan of a delusional nut to kill an elected official. Desires of supernatural powers can cause someone to become ‘a hero on … Continue reading